Non-European Political Scandals that we seem to have forgotten

Did you hear about any insane political scandals recently? Maybe something involving Donald Trump? Or maybe Hillary Clinton?

We’ve all heard the stories of politicians who get caught with their pants down. It seems like every day we read about another crazy scandal in politics. But do most people even remember these stories anymore? And if they do, why does it matter?

There were many political scandals that happened before Trump took office. Some of these scandals involved porn, drugs, and even murder. However, most of us seem to have forgotten about it and maybe for good reason.

But here’s the thing…these scandals were happening long before today and all over the world too like in Germany for example.

In fact, some of the major political scandals are from Germany, but today we are focusing on Non-European political scandals.

I’m going to share with you 6 insane political scandals that everyone forgot about.

These scandals were big enough to make national headlines, yet nobody remembers them today. Why? Because they happened years ago.

Outrageous American political scandals that the world forgot about

Did you know that America has had its fair share of outrageous political scandals over the years? Of course you do, they make huge splashes and are always about sex and pornos.

From Watergate to Monica Lewinsky, we’ve seen America go from being a beacon of freedom and democracy to a cesspool of corruption.

It doesn’t matter how many times we hear about these scandals, they always seem to get swept under the rug.

Today I’m going to remind you of some of the worst American Political Scandals.

Anthony Weiner was caught by his Weiner Pics

Anthony Weiner runs for mayor
Anthony Weiner was caught showing to much of his Weiner genes during his run for Mayor

For a long time, Anthony Weiner was one of the most respected members of Congress from New York State.

He was a Democrat seven times in a row and he has also received praise for defending LGBTQ people.

However, that all ended up coming to an abrupt stop when some photos of his own “Weiner” were released onto the internet.

He soon became known for being a regular client of escorts, a serial philanderer, and just being a horrible spouse to his longtime spouse, Huma Abedin.

Despite having been known to verbally spar on Twitter with Donald Trump, his professional life has never really recovered.

He’s still a popular figure, even though some people have forgotten about his past controversies.

An actual senate seat for sale

A big scandal involved then-Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich, who was accused of trying to sell the Senate position vacated by Barack Obama.

His corrupt actions resulted in him being impeached, arrested, and removed as from office.

Despite everything, he no longer carries the stigma that one might associate with someone who attempted to put a price tag (literally) on American elections.

He may have been trying to promote himself by defending his actions.

It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, this is an insane political scandal that leaves us wondering how many of our senators were really elected.

Is it possible that others also bought their way in?

Mark Foley had an underage lover

Mark Foley caught in underage love scandal
Mark Foley was caught having an online affair with an underage boy

Florida Representative Mark Foley was commended for his service while working at the U.S. House Caucus for Missing and Exploited Children.

The conservative, anti-gay politician was praised by hardline Republicans for having views they considered refreshing.

However, that all ended when it became known that Foley had been having an online affair with a teenager.

The boy in question worked directly under him, and the person responsible for leaking the text messages later confessed that he didn’t have regrets about outing Foley but did regret inadvertently causing harm to the boy.

There were no real investigations into the scandal, but some people are sure there was a cover-up.

Despite not facing any charges for this, Foley resigned from Congress only to be hired by Donald Trump ten years later.

Ted Kennedy and drunk driving

The Kennedys were known for their mayhem, insanity, and murders; they were also one of the most popular political dynasties in American history.

It seems as though every time there’s a scandal involving one of the Kennedys, they get re-elect­ed.

When Senator Ted Kennedy invited Mary Jo Kopechne to go for a boat ride with him, he was drunk and drove off the family’s dock.

Kennedy escaped, but Kopechne died. The senator didn’t tell anyone about Kopechne’s death until the next morning, when her body was found inside the vehicle.

Kennedy came up with lame reasons for not saving her, claiming he was sober.

He spent a whole two months in jail.

Despite his inadvertent killing of a woman, he was able to have a long, successful political career.

It shows that a crazy political scandal won’t necessarily prevent you from winning an election.

Sheila Dixon goes on a theft spree

Sheila Dixon caught in a theft spree
Sheila Dixon was caught stealing money from the city coffers for her own personal gain

Mayor Sheila Dixon was once considered one of Baltimore’s most beloved politicians. But then she was caught stealing from the city coffers for her own personal gain.

Despite the theft scandal costing her job as Mayor, Dixon has been campaigning again for Baltimore’s next city council president.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that she was involved in a theft scandal during her first run for mayor, many voters still supported her in 2016.

But she didn’t win back her old job after losing the election. Perhaps the people learned something from it?

John Edwards has an affair with a campaign woman

John Edwards was once considered a serious contender for president in both the 2004 and 2008 elections, but it was not meant to be.

His dream of becoming President was crushed when it became apparent that he had been having an affair with a campaign woman who was pregnant with his child.

Despite having evidence of visiting his lover, Rielle Hunter at her house, John Edwards denied it.

Eventually, when he came clean, he refused to end his relationship with Rielle even though he was already married to Elizabeth.

Adding to the public outcry was the fact that Elizabeth had been ill for some time.

Despite having cancer, the woman still tried to meet Rielle Hunter and her lovechild with John Edwards.

After his wife died, John Edwards asked Hunter if she would live with him. She ended their relationship.

They tried to get him charged for covering up the scandal.

While he was acquitted of most of the charges against him, the whole affair cost him his political future. He lost his bid for president after the scandal broke out.

While he didn’t escape unscathed, his reputation had been damaged and he now works in a successful law firm.

However, even though he was known as a “trailer trash” persona, his scandalous affairs did not stop him from being hired.

In conclusion

It seems like there are non-European political scandals happening almost every day these days.

From the United States to Russia, from France to Germany, it seems like everyone has their hands in someone else’s cookie jar.

But maybe it’s because we’re too busy focusing on our own problems to notice. Maybe it’s because we’re so used to hearing about European politicians doing terrible things that we’ve stopped paying attention to the rest of the world.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that we haven’t learned anything from history. We keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again, and it’s only going to get worse unless we change course.

So let’s fix this problem right away. Let’s start learning from the past instead of ignoring it. Let’s stop letting ourselves get distracted by the latest scandal and focus on fixing the real issues that plague us today.